I love to travel, discovering new cultures, new habits. I try to prepare for my holidays so that I can know as much as I can on the local culture, their religion, their cuisine and their music. And then, once arrived, I try to interact with local people rather then with tourist guides or worst, staying inside the "Club".

But don't get it wrong, I like my comforts and I renounce to them only when it is not possible to do otherwise. I remember a 3 days travel to Silvia, a small village on the Colombian Andes with only one "Hotel" (Cabañas is more accurate). At night was almost below zero Celsius and we froze like icecubes only to discover the next morning that there was no water at all in the village! Riding all day for visiting the indios' typical villages surrounding was a tuff experience without taking a shower!

My OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA travels always with me, and I usually take 50/80 pictures per day, then I download them into my laptop and I post them directly into my Album Online:


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Swiss Alps 2004 (panorama QTVR)



CHEKERE' in Val Bavona


Have a nice visit! And let me know your comments... max ;-)