Group Lunch : from 9 people
Group Dinner : from 7 people

Did you know that Chez Max was the setting for the series Conversations with Friends

conversation with friends

An overview of conversations with friends

conversations with friends

Conversations with Friends, Irish author Sally Rooney’s 2017 debut, tells the story of two young women and an elderly couple who enter the literary scene in Dublin. The novel was published by Faber and Faber to critical acclaim. A TV adaptation, also known as Conversations with Friends, is released in 2022.

The book was written while Rooney was still studying writing and completing an MA in American Literature. The book was auctioned by seven parties for the publishing rights. These rights were eventually sold in 12 countries.


In Dublin, college student Francis (the narrator) and her best friend and ex-girlfriend Poppy are noticed by early-30s essayist and photographer Melissa while they perform spoken poetry. Melissa invites them home, where they meet her actor husband Nick. As Frances begins to grow closer to Nick and Poppy and Melissa, their four lives become more and more intertwined.

This film were shot during the night in Chez Max

The scene was a date, and we provide drink and food serve by a Chez Max waiter. It was very interesting to see all the crew. (around 30 people). Very nice people  and so professional to work all together in a (small place).

We were very proud to have “Conversations with Friends” having set in our place !

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