Group Lunch : from 9 people
Group Dinner : from 7 people

Chez Max’s New Kitchen: A Dream Come True

For the last few years, Chez Max has been busy extending our terrace and winning awards such as Maitre Restaurateur World French Restaurant. Our loyal chefs have been patiently waiting for a brand new kitchen, and now we are thrilled to announce that it is finally here. Kitchen Pushed to its Limits Over time, our […]

Our terrace and garden

Chez Max offers you three different atmospheres for you to have the best time all along the different seasons. Inside Chez Max the typical French bistro atmosphere. Music, voices brouhaha and the “clap clap” of the cutlery is making warm authentic ambiance which will send you to a memorable French souvenir. Our back “secret garden” […]

Did you know that Chez Max was the setting for the series Conversations with Friends

conversation with friends

An overview of conversations with friends Conversations with Friends, Irish author Sally Rooney’s 2017 debut, tells the story of two young women and an elderly couple who enter the literary scene in Dublin. The novel was published by Faber and Faber to critical acclaim. A TV adaptation, also known as Conversations with Friends, is released […]

Chez Max French Onion Soup Recipe That You’ll Be Making Every Week

What Makes the Onion Soup Recipe so Special? The Onion Soup Recipe is a dish that has been popular for many years. Its popularity is due to the unique combination of ingredients and the way it is made. The Onion Soup Recipe has its own uniqueness, which makes it a hit among the people. It […]