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Chez Max’s New Kitchen: A Dream Come True

For the last few years, Chez Max has been busy extending our terrace and winning awards such as Maitre Restaurateur World French Restaurant. Our loyal chefs have been patiently waiting for a brand new kitchen, and now we are thrilled to announce that it is finally here.

Chez Max’s new kitchen is a commitment to excellence and a deep passion for French cuisine.

Kitchen Pushed to its Limits

Over time, our kitchen was pushed to its limits, and with the affluence of our regular and new customers, we knew it was time for a change. The new kitchen has been designed in collaboration with our new Executive Head Chef, Gary, and Max, to bring a modern touch to our French Classic Dishes and provide a comfortable working environment for our chefs.

Max’s Old Kitchen

Efficiency and Comfort

The new kitchen is three times bigger than before, with a 4.6-meter central island and a brand new cold room twice the size of the previous one. All our machines, including the plancha, chargrill, and more, will be brand new, and we will also have a new sous vide machine to keep the freshness and flavors of our products before cooking.

We believe that our new kitchen will bring efficiency and comfort to our chefs, and we hope that it will please our customers even more. Before it became the “Chez Max” that you all know, it was just a coffee shop with a tiny kitchen. Over the years, the kitchen was modified and modernized, but we never had the time to redesign it from scratch. Now, thanks to the hard work of our team, our dream kitchen has finally come true.

Capacity Doubled

The capacity of our new terrace at Dublin Castle Square will double, making it the perfect place to enjoy our French cuisine in the heart of Dublin. We hope to see you soon at Chez Max and share our passion for French food with you.


At Chez Max, we take pride in providing our customers with the best dining experience. Our new kitchen is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our passion for French cuisine. We are excited to see the benefits that this new kitchen will bring to our loyal chefs, regular and new customers. Come and visit us at Dublin Castle Square and indulge in our delicious French classic dishes, prepared in our brand new dream kitchen.

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