Group Lunch : from 9 people
Group Dinner : from 7 people

Our terrace and garden

Chez Max offers you three different atmospheres for you to have the best time all along the different seasons.

Inside Chez Max the typical French bistro atmosphere. Music, voices brouhaha and the “clap clap” of the cutlery is making warm authentic ambiance which will send you to a memorable French souvenir.

Our back “secret garden” is a heaven to hide from city center busy and noise. The Moroccan tiles floor and the blue and orange wall will bring you sun and happiness, the painting wall of Paris view is a final touch to transport you in a lovely to a charming garden atmosphere. Sun, heaters and canopy will make fell all year warm and cozy (14 seats and we provide hats).

Chez Max floor terrace is located on the Dublin Castle square, next to the “Indigent family building” and the Baroque AIB Building. There, you will be seated to watch the pedestrian life of Dublin and fell like a Parisian customer having a glass of wine and see life goes.
This terrace is cover and heated, they will guarantee you a warm souvenir. (20 seats)

New in Chez Max : Summer and spring time, we are adding a third new Terrace (50 seats) for your pleasure. We provide stylish hats.

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